September: seasons change

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Eccles 3:1

September: I can’t help sing this song …

September is like a teaser or preview of what’s to come right?

So I was in the store yesterday and noticed their putting out all the fall stuff. Like pumpkins, spice scented candles and cozy colored home decor.  (Not that I’m complaining cuz my house turns into a fall extravaganza once October hits) But here in the South it’s still a blistering 90-sumthin’ degrees. It ain’t much lookin’ like fall here.

I mean schools back in session, friday night lights are beamin’ at the football stadiums and I think I saw a leaf fall from a tree the other day when we caught Hurricane Irene’s arm brush by us.  But none-the-less, all of these things remind us that a change is gon’ come… AND I’M READY!

Don’t you know my kids had the nerve to start counting down the days for Christmas…SERIOUSLY? Anyway, back to what I was saying.

September snuck up on me. Literally.

I spent the entire month of August planning September;

  • map out training plan for my first half marathon (GULP)
  • reorganize workspace: avoid back-to-school scatterbrains (Work in progress)
  • make “Parent of a Senior” checklist (ok I will not cry)
  • PTA Fitness & Health Committee (volunteers please?)
  • Get resources into the hands of people WHO WANT TO GET HEALTHIER
  • PUSH TO GO DEEPER STILL-more on that in another post!

So that was my plan for September. Well here we are. Day 3 in this glimpse of the season’s change and as it stands I’m proud to say that I have managed to hit all 7 of my goals by atleast 60%. BUT as we tell our kids done ain’t done til it’s done.

Today I’m confessing that I’m bummed that I didn’t get to run the 10K with my friends which was on my ‘plan’ for the half marathon training but THAT WILL NOT STOP ME!

I’ve got work to do.

If you glance back at the goals I’ve set for myself  you’ll see that they impact several people in my circle of influence and I think that’s just a part of life.

Nothing we ever do is truly only just for us because the end result impacts those around us.

However, WE make the DECISIONS. WE chose the RESPONSES to life’s circumstances/situations and WE get the RESULTS. 

September is a glimpse of season’s changing. What new season are you lookin’ forward to in your life? What can you do this month to prepare for that change? 

Maybe it’s a change in your health, your relationship with Christ, spending more time with your family. The DECISION is YOURS to make. But done ain’t done til it’s done. It requires you to get your heart pumpin’ and your spirit movin’.

I’m starting a 90 Day challenge and together wer’re gonna reach that harvest season! You ready for a change?

Here’s some motivation to get you movin’

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-keep movin’