Movin’ Monday Motivation

Monday carries negative connotations that people are trying to overcome -

September Monday Motivation…

TGIM (thank God it’s Monday)

Monday carries negative connotations that people are trying to overcome.

“A cultural movement is rising up to combat the negative connotations of Monday by reframing the day in a positive light. 9 Research suggests that the Monday blues derive more from collective expectations than actual experience. While many people – polled Sunday – expected their mood on Monday to be poor, in the moment they reported feeling no better or worse than on any other day. 10 Nevertheless, on Monday the incidence of occupational injuries, strokes, suicides, heart problems and referrals to secondary care spike significantly. Researchers speculate that unhealthy behaviors on the weekend are to blame, along with disturbances in sleep patterns and increased stress. 11 By using Monday for the delivery of health messaging you may make people happier and help extend lives.”-The Mondays Campaign

Sidebar Survey Says: Hoda & Kathy Lee revealed on this morning’s “Today’s Talk” that we spend 34 minutes moaning about Monday.

monday motivator minute!!! That’s 34 minutes! That’s a killer fat blastin’ move waitin’ to happen. If you’re gonna gripe, at least burn a few calories by running in place as fast as you can or punching a few pillow cushions on your couch. Once you start movin’ even if the complaining starts, I guarantee it won’t continue. Those endorphins pack a mean 1-2 punch to ward off negative feels! So get movin’

Cover the Wholes in your Diet

September is Whole Grains Month! Get in three servings a day by trying products that list “whole grain”, “whole wheat” or “whole oats” as their first ingredient. Whole grains are a simple swap that will boost your intake of iron and fiber.

Sesame StirFry w/multigrain Pasta

1 bag frozen stir fry veggies

1 box Barilla multigrain penne pasta

Prepare each as directed, serve together with a drizzle of sesame oil. ENJOY TGIM!

-keep movin’