Sweet November: Project You!

“I got just a touch of sugar” or “they just told Aunt Mae she got sugar diabetes”

That’s what I remember hearing the older people say when I was kid. So all I knew was if I kept eating more sugar that meant you took shots, could become blind, maybe get your legs cut off and wind up in a nursing home and ultimately die. I saw that all of this happened only to the older people but I knew I had to do what it took not to get old, or to get ‘sugar diabetes’.

Well, that was up until my sister was diagnosed with Hypo-glycemia. She was either in upper elementary school or middle school and I just remember her getting really sick, going to a doctor and all of a sudden the way she ate; how often and what; changed. I saw her pricking her fingers, then we all had to prick our fingers. By this time, my mom was an insulin dependent (3 shots per day) diabetic.   By the time I reached 8th grade, both of my mother’s parents had died from diabetes complications, my mother would slip in & out of insulin reactions induced by sporadically convenient eating habits and one of my young teenaged cousins was now a diabetic.

Diabetes terrified me as a kid.

I didn’t want to see my mother so ill. I didn’t like seeing her pass out on the grocery store floor having to pour domino sugar down her throat chased by orange juice. I didn’t like knowing that we were thrown into a grown-up-decision-making life-threatening moment…taking a city bus home & trying to figure out which bus to transfer to because her blood sugars were so low she could barely speak or keep her eyes open.

Diabetes scared me as a child.

Scared me enough to change my life as an adult.

Some people let fear cripple them. I’ve allowed that fear to push me past my past. To push me toward breaking the cycle that has left me without great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, my mother and that teenaged cousin. Diabetes has taken too many lives that I love. I’ve taken a vow, the buck stops here.

Join me in this fight!

A touch of sugar ain’t so sweet.

November is National Diabetes awareness month. Awareness isn’t enough.

Move, eat better, know the signs and do something about it!

If you’re ready to take control of diabetes and stop letting it control you, let me help you.

Contact me and let’s get your heart pumpin’ & spirit movin’