Turkey, dressing and black friday

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Happy post -turkey Day. I’m a huge advocate of balancing calories in and calories out and will be the first to admit that I flat out LOVE FOOD. ESPECIALLY Thanksgiving food. My greatest weakness. Dressing. But not just any dressing. It’s my mom’s recipe. And like any good cook, there’s not really a recipe it’s just a little of this, some of that and keep adding till it taste like you could eat the entire pot ‘cuz it’s just that good.

But this year something was missing. I still can’t figure out what it was but it wasn’t in there. I added everything I needed but it was missing that little bit of ‘yep I did it again’. Don’t get it wrong, it was a slammin’ good pan of dressing and a hit among the crowd, I just know it wasn’t my best.

ANYWHO…I planned my meals for the day.  I had a reasonable breakfast.  Pumpkin Pie Shakeology for lunch and grazed throughout the rest of the day, which is probably the common advice among fitness & nutrition professionals because then you don’t go overboard come dinner time.

2 servings of dressing later, I started thinking of all the people who were going to dive into the day mouth first with the idea locked in their minds that the next day would consist of hours of cardio trying to ‘burn off those calories’.

We can’t do that to ourselves. And if you’re a fitness or nutrition influencer, please don’t perpetuate the binging. Here’s the deal. What’s done is done. If your intentions were to monitor your eating and slowly enjoy the food but the intentions gave into the savory succulence of the festivities, OH WELL. What’s done is done. You ate it. It’s a new day. Keep movin’.

Seriously, I could present overwhelming calculations on the calories consumed in one Thanksgiving meal and the mathematical formula required to burn off those calories but for what. Just move today. Drink plenty of water, drop the stress (which WILL show up on the scale) and keep movin’. Consider the fact you have today and you have an opportunity to make the most of today and realize how much you enjoyed your day guilt free. 80/20 is my nutritional philosophy.

80 % of the time eat the way you should, half of your plate filled with fruits & veggies, small portion of clean protein and whole grains.  Yesterday was a 20% day and boy did I enjoy it. Today, I had a clean breakfast, small portion of left overs, 1 hour of cardio, and life is good! enjoy your life and get off the scale.

Oh, before I forget…I always get a kick out of the craziness called black friday but since everyone else was going bonkers over the deals, I thought I’d jump in on the giving.