21 days in consideration

21. Everybody knows that in 21 days you can form a habit. 21 days. I pledged to give the first 21 days of every year toward fasting. Fasting in consideration of denying myself the things I’d rather be feasting on, in exchange something that would nourish me.

On the last day of the fast, couldn’t have planned this if I tried, I completed a fitness certification training that literally brought me to tears. It wasn’t an intense training, in fact I didn’t even break a sweat. It was Silver Sneakers. When I considered the fact that God is allowing me trusting me, with the life of another person, to be an influence toward adding even just one more healthy day to their life I almost cried, during the training.  I mean really. I never knew this is what I would be ‘doing’ professionally.

Talk about being well fed and satisfied! Now I’m hungry for more.

Speaking of being satisfied. I had the awesome opportunity to FINALLY begin training for a half marathon, this time without getting sick (THANK YOU LORD) but I haven’t officially signed up, so I sort of think this is part of God’s training plan too. Anyway, I got a chance to be a guest blogger at Power-Gy, the most awesome nutrition supplement that has kept my knees from stopping me in my tracks. Have a blessed day!