Stronger than…


It’s a leap year! That means 29 days & 29 ways of getting stronger. This month’s challenge is focused on finding YOU & loving YOU stronger.

Remember those moments when you were weak & vulnerable? Now, remember those moments when you were at your strongest?

Don’t you just wanna reach back and slap the weaker you and ask how could you be so weak?

Well, since we can’t physically slap our former selves, we can just make her realize that we’re not her anymore.

We’re not silly enough to make the same mistake again. We’re smarter. We’re wiser. We’re stronger!

Speaking of being stronger than…I just need to pause because we celebrated a life and Happy Birthday to a woman who was so much more stronger than pride, stronger than circumstance, stronger than what the world saw her as, stronger than a statistic, stronger than the diabetes that took her away from us because her life was hidden in Christ. Through His strength, she taught me that I could do all things.

Happy birthday mom. I miss you. I love you. I adore you. I commit my life purpose to seeing to it that every woman I know becomes stronger! (2/6/46 -2/9/05)

My Beautiful Mother aka "Sweetie"


Here is your I ❤ Me Stronger Week 1 challenge:

Complete 29 of the following exercises 1x each
*** Push Ups
***Reverse Lunges
***Tricep Dips
***Basic Crunch
***Reverse Crunch

Complete each cardio interval for 20 seconds for a number of rounds that equals the date. For example on Feb 6 you will complete 6 rounds, Feb 7/7 rounds, Feb 8/8 rounds etc.

***Jumping Jacks
***Front kicks
***Side to Side shuffle tap downs (descript: shuffle to rt squat down tap floor – repeat on the left)
***Curtsy Lunge w/floor tap (description: curtsy & touch the floor)

Meditation Focus: Above all else guard your heart-for it determines the course of your life Prov 4:23

Nutrition Focus: Chose heart smart foods 

***See Top 25 Heart-Healthy Foods post

Heart Healthy Sweet-Tater Black Bean Burger