Finding a moment & gettin dirty

Blessed are the feet who carry the good news Romans 10:15

-Olympic training, marathons, team sports, personal best whatever your reason for your fitness program we are athletes! In our own rights! I am an athlete! I love the Nike campaign which proclaims that we can make every move count!

I stand by the mantra that nothing is ‘just because or coincidence, it’s all on purpose so why not make it matter? Every moment!

My moment:

Can I get nostalgic for a moment in time, back my in freshman year of undergrads I recited a persuasive speech on recognizing potential in each person. I actually mustard up the nerve to sing Whitney Houston’s song One Moment in Time.

Y’all I sang it as if I was her personal understudy. I gave it my best and I…got a standing ovation!!! I know, right???? Who knew, certainly not that scared 18 year old introverted awkward girl standing in the front of her English Lit class. What’s even crazier, I can still recall the girl sitting directly in front of me glaring because I had already revealed her identity as a kid I went to middle school with who suddenly moved away never to be heard from again.

UNTIL NOW. But wait, she wasn’t the same girl. She had changed her name, her hair was a different color. But I knew her smile and her eyes and the scar she had across her right cheek. This was THAT girl but she keep shaking her head as if to say I’m sorry please stop reminding me of who I once was, she is not here now please stop.

Right there in that “moment” she wanted me to accept her identity and who she had become. I did. And I think having her right there in front of me as I professed potential, life became the message.

To this day when I hear Whitney sing that song during the olympics medal presentation I immediately flash back and a fire in me to “be the very best” is reignited. High rise and fall through it all…ok sorry got caught in the moment.

I love the olympics, the spirit of the season, the showcase of talent and of course the sneak peek into the training regimens of the athletes.  Each olympic season my clients affection of love-hate intensify because they know what’s about to happen. This year ain’t no different.

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I use to say I’m not a runner, til one day a “runner-runner” shifted my thinking. (runner-runner def: no weather, time, situation becomes an excuse). She said the ‘moment’ your pace increases, your knees bend, heart beat increases & you feel the adrenaline kick in, you’re a runner!!! How ’bout that! In the words of Forrest Gump “from that day on, I kept running and running and running”.

Coming full circle:

Clients would ask if I use to be a drill sergeant. No. But, seriously considered enlisting. In fact I was already talking with recruiters and making plans to retire from the Air Force. I could see the uncertainty and fear in my mother’s eyes. As much as she wanted me to find my It changed my heart.

So here I am training as an athlete. Praying my feet don’t fail me during the race.

Romans 10:15 says blessed are the feet who carry the good news, how blessed I feel to share the journey with you.  To share this “moment” of training for strength, the anticipation of being in a group of women where perfection and competition won’t exist.  The mixed emotional cocktail of adrenaline & intimidation while literally running the muck & clay along side me or virtually!  Come on y’all, stick around & train with me and let’s get a little dirty!

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Here’s to keepin your heart pumpin, your spirit movin and gettin dirty!
Short Playlist to keepin my heart pumpin
Set Free -Myron Butler
Diamonds -Washington Projects
One girl -Shuree Rivera
Dum Dum- Tedashii
Georgia Peaches- country song
You don’t know- Kierra Sheard
Beauty in the World – Macy Gray
I Smile – Kirk Franklin
A God Like You- Kirk Franklin
Never Satisfied- Craig Smith

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