Who’s THAT Girl?

Shuree Rivera’s “One Girl”

Spring is full of bright colorful blooms and it sprouts a freshness of freedom to break free of hibernation,  get outdoors and try something new like that group fitness class you’ve been wanting to take, registering for a 5K or taking a leap of faith filled with adrenaline and joining me on the course for the Dirty Girl Mud Run.  Whether you decide to run it out, walk it out or work it out, this month is dedicated to doin’ it together!


During the month of April we’re gettin’ out the clutter and the junk, pullin’ up some weeds, plantin’ seeds and finding our “moment” to recharge the original goals we set to live healthier, happier lives.  We’re gonna figure out why we got stuck in the first place, dig our way out and replant so that we can bloom something fruitful. I’m challenging myself and you to be THAT girl.

What girl? The one that get’s it done. The one that gets inspired and spreads the momentum. The one that says NO, I can’t do this (alone) but with the support of my sistahs I can take on the world.  I mean really, if you consider way back in childhood days, all we really wanted was a BFF or 2 or 3. Once we had our girls, we were all good.  We handle everything with our girls, everything from cute boy cooties, embarrassing cafeteria moments or even the dreaded ‘first period’ or as my daughter calls it “when I get the cramps” (she has yet to get them) all the way through the heat infused ‘last period’.

Side bar: Funny story, we have arrived at the point in our mother-daughter’dom when she’s beginning to realize the precious joy of getting dolled up. She asking for earrings, matching her outfits with her shoes and wondering when she gets to wear a bra.  So we decided we’d go shopping for the pre-pre-pre-pre-pre (are you get where I’m going with this?); pre-tween cami. It was well embellished with graffiti and doodles of peace signs, ‘BFF’ and TTYLs extremely age appropriate and transition approved. But I had a moment. Right there in the middle of target. My baby was becoming – not a baby. I got choked and she stared at me wide-eyed, put her hand on her hip and said “oh my gosh mommy”. I laughed, kissed her forehead and wished my mom was alive to witness this moment.

This year has been full of moments. Moments too unnerving to divulge the specifics, I just praise God for His mercy and peace. Other moments so flat-out hilarious I fell out in laughter. And still there are moments in the months to come that I at times felt like were a life-time away.  I’m still sittin’ on the edge of my seat til that boy of mine walks across the stage. THEN I will have a serious, full-out, party like it’s MAH BIRTHDAY moment!

All of these moments whether filled with laughter or tears have moved me forward.

Many of you know that last year I was selected to join a team of amazing individuals who have committed their lives to encouraging the livelihood of others. I became an ambassador for FitFluential, Inc. a group of THE most inspiring people I have ever come to know, truly amazing. Watching  being a part of their success, has given me the inspiration and momentum to reach bigger than I had been reaching. Reading blogs, hearing story after story of defeating odds, you name it there’s one amazing recipe after another.  They moved me. Literally. They lit a fire under my butt to make me realize that I had something to offer. But the wild part, it wasn’t in a ‘let me 1 up you’ competitive way. It’s a team effort. Everyone that I’ve come to know on this team truly immolates the character of being a true role model and inspiration. If you came to know the ladies that run this well oiled machine, you’d crack up in laughter because they’re just a few girls who could have one day been the crew on the play ground organizing the kick ball tournament AND side line cheers. They were the girls who organized the homecoming game, half-time show and spirit week. They seriously, could have been the 20 year reunion planning committee making sure that EVERYONE felt like they should’ve been in the ‘who’s who/best of our class/most popular’ year book supplement. Shout out to Kelly Olexa and Danielle Liss and the entire team at FitFluential. Y’all are my momentum.

What’s your momentum? What keeps you movin’? Who are you surrounded by that helps you to realize you are, you can and you will? Anyone can find a friend to co-sign misery, but who do you call when you need that extra boost of encouragement to pull yourself up from the trenches? Who helps you find your MOMENT? Who’s THAT girl?


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