Spring Detox: Whatever is lovely-licious

Oh my, I first want to apologize to y’all I totally forgot to post the challenge this week. Whoa, I seriously don’t know how that happened and why it’s Thursday and I’m just now figuring that out.

So this month’s challenge has been dedicated to detoxing our bodies, minds and spirits of those things that have become somewhat comfortable in our lives and have even set up residence irregardless of their toxic vengeance.

We dropped our anchor on the foundation of Philippians 4:8, which pretty much breaks down our thoughts and the ability to change what we’re thinking about. You did know you could do that right? Yes, you can!

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8 (NIV)

This week. Our focus is was suppose to be whatever is lovely. Or let’s call it ‘LICIOUS’

Hold that thought…

I can’t go on without giving credit where it’s due. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Pastors!!! We’re doing a book study called “The Power of One” at my church with the phenomenal book “The DNA of Relationships” by Dr. Gary Smalley. You need this in your life! Period.

Cover of "The DNA of Relationships (Small...
Cover via Amazon

Ok, back to the thoughts. This week, the focus is on whatever is lovely. Or I said we’d call it “LICIOUS”.

I heard a commercial the other day that I literally said, out loud, “OH MY GOSH that’s just ridiculous, really?” They used the phrase licious to describe their product or campaign and it didn’t quite work the way they planned. Although it did leave an impression on me, so maybe that was their plan.

Things that make you go hmmmm…

Anyway, it got me to thinkin’, that’s what happens in our thoughts. A negative word sneaks in and tacks itself onto the back-end of a “life purpose thought”, which is heading you down the right path and it leaves an impression.  But the negative thoughts don’t always sound so negative.

Sometimes they’re just distracting or enticing.

Sometimes, they’re just -LICIOUS! In other words, they’re quite tasty.



Gotta have so why not go right ahead and stay right there cuz it’s gonna make you feel good and why not cuz you deserve it and I can’t believe she would say something like that to me cuz doesn’t she know how hard I’ve worked to come this far and I mean for real look at her at least I don’t look like she does and her shoes don’t even match….

and round and round we go, where we’ll stop no body knows.

LICIOUS! Translation: I could have a little more of what’s goin’ on here. It’s almost intoxicating.

So it got me to thinkin’ what’s a suffix? What you tack onto the back-end of a word, in this case a thought. Unbeknownst to me, Beyonce DID NOT coin the term “LICIOUS”.  Sorry guys, she’s got vocals and a pretty face but she ain’t that clever.  I found this Interesting historical breakdown  of the word suffix licious. But even more trendy, check this out, there’s actually a definition to this intoxicating avenger.

(def) adj:  The word “licious” is a commonly used suffix to a emphasize something of highly pleasing respect. Stolen from the word, “Delicious”.

SOURCE: Our handy Urbandictionary.com; other definitions include but are not limited to…

A suffix that can be placed at the end of most other words.

Once “licious” is placed at the end of a word, it now usually has sexual connotations or is of ghetto nature. It is meant to imply that the thing or person is voluptuous, sexy or ‘juicy’.

This suffix was originally implimented by beyonce in the common catch phrase “bootylicious”.

Parents and middle-aged talk show hosts often use this to parody the ghetto culture, much as they latched onto the suffix “izzle”.

So back to our DETOXING.

The scripture says …think about whatever is lovely. NOT LICIOUS. It’s really easy for your thoughts to take you to a place that steers you away from your focus, which is/should be ultimately God’s plan for your life. Does God want you to live healthy? OF COURSE!  John 10:10 says He wants you to live abundantly!  Does God know that we’ll be tempted to veer off, OF COURSE and so does the enemy.  I love when my Pastor says “The enemy will never come at you with a flaming pitch fork and his fangs showing, you’d run the other way. Sin is always sweet smellin’, slick talkin and good lookin'”.  A subtle glance away from what God has for you, even to see if what someone else has might be a consideration, even when you can’t always see what God is doing, or even just loosing focus; can take you away to a place that you can’t so easily come back.

As we’re detoxing our minds, bodies and spirits consider these questions:

  • What have you been thinking about?
  • What has your focus right now?
  • Are you so fixated on those things, people, places, accomplishments that they are no longer lovely?
  • Has the ‘apple’ become so licious that you’re willing to compromise EVERYTHING that God already gave you for just a little taste of the licious? (look back at the urban dictionary definition for a quick reference)