” May I ” have a mani, pedi and a tighter tummy

Health (Photo credit: 401K)

I overheard two girls in the nail salon complaining about the cost of Solar nails vs acrylic nails and how they refused to pay ‘that much money’ for their nails. Then something quite odd happened, their conversation flipped to exchanging the contact information of a doctor who performs a tummy tuck procedure.

HUH? Seriously? I heard the exchange of amounts in the upwards of $1800 dollars.

I think I stopped breathing just so i could catch my breath from their madness.

It just reminds me of the countless times I’ve offered to assist someone with their ‘gotta live better’ efforts. It continues to blow my mind the amount of money people drop for frivolous and/or pampering things but the moment I suggest ‘taking care of’ themselves or making changes toward living healthy, the first words from their mouth is “HOW MUCH DOES IT COST”.

In the spirit of the warm greeting my nail salon never hesitates to express  “MAY I help you”, we’ve kicked off a theme this month called “MAY I”.

The “MAY I”  theme is actually an acrostic:

M> Motivation, Myths, Meals

A> Accountability, Application, Attitude

Y>YOU! ultimately it boils down to you and your responsibility

I>Affirming what you are fully capable of.

This week’s focus: M (Motivation, Myths, Meals)

Ok, so the girls at the salon happened to ask what type of nails I was wearing and I totally snagged it as an opportunity to piggy back on their tummy tuck conversation! Oh, by the way I was rockin’ my Dirty Girl Mud Run T-Shirt, fresh off the course so, yeah I went there!

By the end of the conversation I had dropped a subliminal message that these nails were just that, nails and they come a dime a dozen – literally, but my body and my health were much more worth the ‘cost’. They just smiled and as I walked out of the salon cordially said to me “Bye dirty girl”.

Here’s your Motivation, Myth, Meals for the day, thanks to Daniela at Power-gy

Favorite Belly Flattening Foods For A Tight Core

We all know that summer is just around the corner. A bikini is just the inspiration us women need to get our bellies nice and flat! If anyone likes a 6 pack, it’s yours truly. But more importantly, if we can get our core nice and strong, every other body part will be strong as well. Unfortunately, exercising your core is simply not enough! Consuming belly-flattening foods, following your normal workout workout routine is key.

Below is a list of my Favorite Belly Flattening Foods For A Tight Core. Enjoy!

Here’s To Your Health!

Daniela Rosa Bycoffe

R.Y.T, L.M.P


#1 Oatmeal

Consuming oatmeal first thing in the morning is the best thing you can do for your belly. Oatmeal tends to stay in your stomach for hours, steering you clear of grabbing for those pastries, bagels, or donuts.

*Make sure to get sugar-free oatmeal. I highly suggest plain oatmeal with a handful of your fav fresh berries to add some sweetness.

#2 Almonds & Nuts

Nuts are the best! They slim your belly because they hang out inside for long periods of time. I recommend 24 nuts or almonds per day to satisfy your snack pains.

*Go salt-less! Too much sodium raises blood sugar.

#3 Protein Powder

Protein powder is not only for muscle head gym rats! The protein powder that we make contains amino acids that burn fat while building muscle. I know we’re not the only ones out there! Try blending protein powder with your favorite milk (I love Almond), a tablespoon of peanut butter, and ice.

*Yummy Tip! Combine protein powder with a handful of fruit or fresh berries for a deee-li-cious shake (it’s healthy too).

#4 Olive Oil

All fat is not bad fat. Fat controls hunger, so that’s why I am a huge advocate of Olive Oil. When used it will keep your appetite under control, as well as cravings.

*Steer clear of hydrogenated vegetable oils. They’re LOADED with unhealthy trans fat.

#5 Berries!

Do you know how much fiber is in a tiny little berry? Mucho!! Just one cup of raspberries is loaded with 6 grams of fiber.

*Jelly does not count! Stay farrrr away from jelly as it’s loaded with refined sugar.

#6 Eggs

Vitamin B12 is found in eggs, which is exactly what your body needs in order to metabolize fat.

*Consult with your Doc to find out how high your cholesterol is.