Monday motivation: movin’ forward

Nike T-shirt to keep me motivated! I’m committed to making sure average remains my enemy!
“Repeat anything often enough and it will start to become you.”
—Tom Hopkins
If it means that I’ll have an entire workout wardrobe reminding me of who I am, so be it! Maybe someone coming toward me will be moved toward greatness!

What does greatness look like to you? I started doing some self care studying and almost automatically God began putting things in front of me to show me how “great” my life was. So I stayed there, with that “theme”. I prayed for my eyes to be opened to see the awesome I already had. And again “greatness” started happening, some was simply uncovered, some untapped and a little more given.

Here’s your challenge this week, commit yourself to a specific “theme”. Everyday do 1 thing that moves you toward defining that theme.

Post a quote, scripture, picture of yourself expressing your theme!

Maybe greatness is a skill, an attitude or an activity.

To me; Greatness is a mindset. It’s the value you place on what matters to you most.

What’s your theme?

“Confidence is contagious. So is the lack of confidence.”
—Vince Lombardi


Pick a theme this week. What will you do this week to move you in the direction of that theme?


3 thoughts on “Monday motivation: movin’ forward

  1. I love that quote from Vince Lombardi! Confidence IS contagious! This is a great reminder that it takes daily choices to put us to greatness. Great article!

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