Monday Motivation: Go. Get. It.

Create the life you really want!


Sometimes life feels like it’s in cruise or coast even with your foot on the gas. I’ve slowly come to learn those are the moments when Jesus took the wheel!

I use to ask God why. I use to cry out WHEN, and Lord knows when my babies were babies there were countless times I cried WHAT ABOUT ME.


These babies! Kept me on my toes movin’ & chasing after them. They kept me on my knees praying for strength! They are my purpose! When they were young I was a stay-at-home-mom and I remember someone saying to me that maybe this was my calling, this was my ministry; even if only for a season. Had it not been for that season, we wouldn’t have made it to this season…


18 years. And I’m still learning. Wow 18 years now I feel old. Scratch that man, I remember doing the math when I found out the biggest baby was on the way! I wondered to myself if I’d still “have it” when he graduated. It’s been a long journey of growing, forgiveness, mistakes, but through it all my best friend stood by me. Having people by your side who believe in you no matter what is the key to life’s greatest successes.

Weight gain and weight loss, attempts and failures, doubts and victories regardless the season, your outcome is totally determined by your thoughts and your words.

Pay attention to everything you say today, notice the word picture you’re painting. Is it creating the life you want?

Keep your heart pumpin’ , spirit movin’ and get inneractive.


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