Fire up the grill…

Source: THRIVE IGO Church

Just a little somethin’ to break the monotony…

Sorry, but celebrating the 4th of July just brings back old school memories of backyard BBQs…so I had to hit you with a flash back…sing along…

‘s your burnin’ questions? Ready to hit the beach but wanna feel confident? Got a few BBQs to run through but don’t wanna un-do all that hard work you put in at the gym?

What’s my plan?

  • 7:00AM Wake-Up Call
  • 7:45ish-Breakfast for pre-workout fuel- Greenberry Shakeology, 2 Cups coffee ( i know, I’m trying to break the habit)
  • 8AM Nike FITCLUB & GROOVE Choreography practice…
  • 9:30-Family BIG BREAKFAST- It’s a holiday!
  • Mid morning snack approx 2-hrs later(OPT 1)some kind of fruit juice, usually crab-grape (the real stuff not cocktail) & turkey bacon & either yogurt with granola or another slice of toast with peanut butter
  • 12:30/1ish-Lunch
  • 2/3:00-SNACK
  • 6/7/8-depends if we are out and about…Bible Study/BBQ/Fireworks

So that’s my plan for the 4th obviously I will deviate somewhat from that because it’s the 4th of July and that means family big breakfast will be a hearty breakfast to hold me til lunch & mid-day snackin’ so I don’t get to the church eatin’ like a heathen’.

Enjoy your holiday eats & still maintain the work that you’ve put in, keep burning calories and look good whether you’re sportin’ shorts, that new sundress you got just for the get-to-gethers or hittin’ the pool! BUT you gotta have a plan…what’s your plan?

Here’s my plan: the Summer Swimsuit Confidence Challenge!