Monday Motivation: Swimsuit Confidence – what you’re worth (Day 5)

“You are more than a statistical chance, more than a marriage of heredity and society, more than a confluence of inherited chromosomes and childhood trauma. …Thanks to God you have been ‘sculpted from nothing into something‘ (Psalm 139:15 Msg)” -excerpt from Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

Visual challenge

read this passage from Cure for the Common Life on knowing your own worth:

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Charlie Steinmetz deployed his knacks. He designed the generators that powered Henry Ford’s first assembly lines in Dearborn, Michigan. Sometime after he retired, the generators stalled out, bringing the entire plant to a halt. Ford’s engineers couldn’t find the problem, so he called his old friend Charlie. Steinmetz fiddled with this gauge, jiggled that lever, tried this button, played with a few wires, and after a few hours threw the master switch. The motors kicked on, and the system returned to normal. Some days later Ford received a bill from Steinmetz for $10,000. Ford found the charge excessive and wrote his friend a note: “Charlie It seems awfully steep, this $10,000, for a man who for just a little while tinkered around with a few motors.” Steinmetz wrote a new bill and sent it back to Mr. Ford. “Henry, for tinkering around with motors, $10; for knowing where to tinker, $9,990”.

You have something in you that noone else has. You are worth far more than you may have considered. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are replaceable, you’re simply not. The way you do that thing you do, only you do it best.

Fitness challenge:

1 hour body weight tabatas and I crushed all doubt. I’m not sure if the motivation was due to watching the numbers crank on the Nike Fuel Band or the fact that I was invited by SmartWater to participate in this Nike celebrity workout with Biggest Loser’s Dolvett Quince. Either way, I smashed it and truly felt like an athlete and was ready to keep movin!


I’m still beaming with all that energy and Dolvett’s mantra that he kept screaming at us “this ain’t for everybody, just my body”; I’m bringing you a taste of what he gave us!

complete each exercise for 10-15 seconds

—basic squats
—jumping jacks
—reverse lunges
—push ups
—plank hold
—mountain climbers
—walking lunges with trunk rotation
—reverse crunches
—alternating leg drops (lay on your back with legs extended toward the ceiling alternate lowering your legs toward the floor keeping your legs straight and core tight
—prisoner oblique crunches: get down on both knees (if that’s difficult, sit in a chair); place your hands behind your head with elbows out wide; pull your core tight and slowly lower your right elbow down toward the floor and your right hip. Slowly lift using your core and return to start position,repeat on the left side. Continue for the duration of the interval, DO NOT USE MOMENTUM OR BOUNCING, THINK SLOW AND CONTROLLED!!

nutrition challenge

Keep hydrated, eat 2/3 fruits today and 3 veggies, 6 small meals.

journaling challenge

What’s your tinker? (look back at the vision passage)
What do you do that others come to you for that thing?


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  1. I loved reading the passage ~ what a great reminder of our uniqueness. I also believe that God has given us all individual talents.
    Your fitness challenge looks amazing! As do you:)

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