Back To Basics: experience, wisdom & half steppin’

Life should be experienced not just lived. (John 10:10) Whether it’s my kids, my husband, my marriage, my faith, etc I want nothing more than to experience them all.

If I’m experiencing as opposed to just being ‘in’ them, I’m saying, I’m fully connected, I’m engaged, I’m committed spirit, soul & body to the entire moment.

If we’re truly going to get everything God has planned for us, we have to be willing to get the entire experience. The ups, the downs, the good blessing and the discipline. We have to be willing, yes wiling; it’s up to us to make ourselves do it; be willing to go after what we want whole heartedly with instruction. With an expectation that God never intended for us to just get by.

Get back to experiencing every aspect of life. You know the saying, you get what you give, it’s foundational. It’s biblical. It’s practical. You sow, you reap.

I tell my group fitness students if you’re half steppin’ you’re not gonna get a whole lot out of this class. If I say squat and I see you doin this baby bounce and I know you can give me more…or if I catch you doin sissy push ups when you know good and well you can modify by gettin on your knees so you can drop down to 90 degrees…come now…who’s cheatin who?

Eat: Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Have a practical, regimented (not extreme, rigid, ridiculous) approach to how much, when and what you eat. I really like to enjoy what I’m eating. If food seems boring, I mean really who wants to keep eating it? I love exploring food that looks exciting. I love trying flavors or recipes that involve things I already love, just better. If you can’t trust your own kitchen skills consider visiting one of the healthy food stores when they have cooking demonstrations or check out a fresh market cafe and try something new.

Pray: Praying is simply communicating with God. Most of us know that effective communication involves talking & listening. If you’ve got something to say, say it. If you’ve asked a question, listen. Speak from your heart. Listen with your heart. Speak to be heard, not to be loud. Listen to get wisdom, not to debate your position.


Many times God will lead you to walk in wisdom by simply helping you use common sense; often, plain ol’ common sense is wisdom. Use common sense in the way you act, the way you work, the way you relate to your spouse and children, way you manage your time and the way you manage your finances. For instance don’t spend more money than you make; don’t eat foods that make you sick; and don’t agree to time commitments that will stretch you beyond your limits and cause you stress.

-Joyce Meyer The Secret To True Happiness