Thankful Thursday: Back to Basics – Move

“I just might bend but I won’t break, as long as I can see your face” – Mercy Me MOVE

Life has one thing certain, change.

Change will shift you, side to side, front to back and sometimes just flat out flip you upside down.

But praise God, I am learning that no matter what change happens, I can bend and twist and turn and even be shaken but as long as I stay with my focus on Christ, I won’t break!

Knowing that is major, like jump up and shout click my heels like the old Toyota commercials.

I’m in a weird place.

I laugh when I say that because a friend recently shared a video footage of their daughter post anesthesia, just before a minor surgery. They asked her how she felt, she smiled with glassy eyes and an uncontrollable slur muttered “I feel weird”. She was so precious, trying to figure out this ‘feeling’ but she knew she was safe because her parents were with her. They were right there by her side.

Last night was our introduction class to the Beth Moore study “Stepping Up“. Throughout the day I kept getting these little confirmations from God that I was ‘moving’ in the right direction. During the video, the confirmations kept coming. But they weren’t “I told you so” echoing confirmations, they were profound, revelatory, elevating, confirmations. The kind that propel you forward. The kind that make you move.

They were simple reminders that during those times I’ve felt like I kept running around the same mountain. They were reminders that God is there reaching down with a strong hand for me to grab so He can pull me up.

But He’s not gonna just yank us, He’s gonna ask us if we actually WANT to move.

Because, you see, we get real comfortable in familiar surroundings. We get happy because we know it, even if it’s dysfunctional. We get relaxed in what we’ve always done. The greatest confirmation was that I’m not the only one that needed to hear these confirmations. I needed to know that I wasn’t the only one looking for the opportunity and invitation to “GET UP” as Beth Moore explained. Being invited to move and being told to move are totally different. God invites us at times, and other times He flat out tells us. He knows exactly which ‘movement’ is required for the appointed time.

My ‘weird’ place is Him inviting me and telling me at the same time.

My confirmations are securely found in His Word. We were given several scriptures to study last night, and one really stuck with me.  It’s both inviting and ‘telling/instruction’ Psalm 1:1-3 (Amplified)

Cover of "Stepping Up: A Journey Through ...

So many of us have tackled dreams, desires, efforts & goals and have felt the fear of change. We’ve felt the defeat of unproductive movement. We’ve experienced the anxiety of uncertainty.

Whether it’s personal relationships, professional accomplishments, fitness & nutrition goals or a desire to have a stronger spiritual connection to Christ; the only way for us to get beyond where we are, we have to be willing to move.

“I’m on my way to some place, the process of how I get there is part of the getting there” – Beth Moore (Stepping Up)

You ready to move? Consider this your invitation!


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  1. Great article! When God’s in the change, you go with it, flow with it, and trust Him all the way through it. I totally get being invited and told at the same time 🙂 I’m with ya, girl! Just “Keep Movin'” 😉

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