CORE Challenge Accepted

When we abandon moderation, we forfeit the inner pace that God offers – but does not guarantee – to His children. When we live intemperate lives, we rob ourselves of countless blessings that would otherwise been ours. -{excerpt:Food, Fitness and Faith for Women}

#MyinneractiveCORE DAY 1!
Just a few little reminders…
—>take your measurements
—>weigh yourself
—>sometime this week take your before pictures, front view, side & back
—>make your declaration public! Tweet it, post it, instagram it (#MyinneractiveCORE)
(YOU HAVE PERMISSION to copy & paste the 30 days 30 seconds hard core photo & simply say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED)

You are what you eat!

September is All American breakfast month!!!! Can we celebrate? You bet!!!! Who doesn’t like breakfast? One of my all time favorite places to eat breakfast, my daughter’s as well, is iHop! They have the best omelets & harvest nut grain pancakes. I recently discovered the secret to their filling omelets, they put a little pancake batter in the egg mix! Who knew? I sure didn’t, but I know one thing I love me a good omelet AND those flap jacks.  I know something else, one of those omelets is enough to feed 2 people!  Since I’m trying to thin out my waist line not my wallet, I came up with my own recipes!

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring! I love food and I love food that invites me to remember how awesome it was and how awesome I feel both while I’m eating it and after!

Breakfast really is the most important meal of your day! I know you’ve heard that before but it’s absolutely true.

Look at the word… Break – Fast
You’re breaking a fast. A fast is a natural cleansing of the body of toxic waste. If you’ve ever done a fast, you know that the first meal coming off of that fast is extremely important because your body will respond positively or your body will shut itself down because it will identify the food that’s not real food! Your body naturally cleans itself out while you’re sleeping, that’s why ya gotta go potty when you wake up. Anyway, we won’t discuss that…

Breakfast. Food is fuel to your body, like gasoline is fuel to your car.  Eating breakfast is like going to the gas station to put gas in your car. Sure you can jump in it & drive on yesterday’s left over gas but it’s only gonna get you so far before you gotta refuel right? Imagine if the gas tank in your car was the size of your hand. You put 6 handfuls in your car everyday just to go from your starting point to your destination & back, round trip. If you drive a big Subburban probably 12 handfuls. At the end of the day, you might have 1 handful left. Next day, same round trip destination, can you make it there on the 1 handful? The ’empty tank’ light just came on. Whatchagonnado? So, let’s say by prayer, grace, luck, whatever you wanna call it you made it there. How are you gonna get back?

Breakfast. We fuel our body for the purpose of the day. Period. It keeps you full, when your body is filled with things like fiber, protein & clean easy to digest energy foods. Dumping sugar into your ‘tank’ might get you jump started but quickly your body will start to sputter and eventually shut down.

Most of our bellies are full of excess that can easily be removed. Tomorrow we’ll talk about that! Getting rid of the bloat!


Breakfast becomes a fuel to keep the fat burning from your belly! You want flatter abs, eat! Seriously. So I’ve said enough, I think you get it.

So while we’re on this 30 day #MyinneractiveCORE challenge, you need to fuel your inferno! One of my favorite places to find healthy recipes is Eating Well Magazine. Well don’t you know they have put together a breakfast challenge! So guess what we’re adding to our challenge!!!

Alright folks…it’s day 1. Go Eat. Go get your heart pumpin, spirit movin’ & Get inneractive!




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