Lose IT: Livin’ life like it’s GOLDEN!

Even our own bit of ‘dirt’ can be used as good fertile soil for planting seeds that bring a wonderful harvest.

We must be willing to keep a lose grip on the futile things in life but keep a firm grasp on whatever could potentially be used to bring change. I am learning to pay attention to what’s in my hand, it might be seed that I am being instructed to sow (lose).

God has this unique way of taking us back to where we started to show us just how far we’ve come. I recently dcomplete the Zumba Gold training at a studio which is located inside the mall where I use to spend my lunch hour crying because I didn’t know where my life was headed. That was almost 12 years ago. I literally stood in that studio and cried PRAISE YOU LORD. I shared that testimony with the owner just to let her know that her studio has a specific purpose.

Talk about a reversal of destiny and the providence of God! Pay attention, He’s talking to you in every day occurrences! (Psalm 126:5)

What are you holding onto? If you have a tight grip on that thing you’ve been trying to get out of your mind, your life and your past, your hand won’t be available when God reaches out to grab it, let alone give you what He has to offer.

Everything about you can & will be used as a seed of change. Maybe you’re carrying some excess weight that’s unnecessary. Whatever you have to lose, it’s up to you to lose it. (John 12:24)

When light appears, darkness has no option but to cease
Studio owner Renee Burwell. I love to see God use people without them knowing they are being used.
The “Golden Girls” Zumba Gold instructors ready to change lives.
Livin’ life like it’s golden

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