Can you see it?


“Just because you can’t see things doesn’t mean they don’t exist” -(man who had his vision restored)

Distance, shape, color, perspective.
Faith, persistence, resilience, intensity.

Have we limited ourselves by merely what our eyes can see?

Today I’ve had this overwhelming sense of a door getting ready to close. 

Almost like a separation or moving on. A change of seasons, if I may.

I’ve prayed all day for clarity but the only thing I’m getting is “seeds”.

I’m excited but I’m scared.

That’s honest. Can I be honest?

I’m scared because lately I’ve prayed about things and God has been moving really quick answering prayers. So right now I’m just believing. I’m believing that whatever I’ve prayed for that was bigger than my wildest imagination could come up with; those dream-come-true type prayers; I’m believing one of those is about to be answered.

Cuz honestly, I’ve prayed a lot lately.

I’ve prayed for the people around me to finally see a breakthrough in their own lives. I’ve prayed for YOU yes you. I prayed that you would read this today and catch a glimpse of hope. That life isn’t only what you see in front of you. That your prayers would be answered as well.

I’ve prayed that the person who was on the edge of giving up realizes that one reason to keep movin.

I’ve prayed that she knows she’s an AWESOME MOM.

I’ve prayed that the reflections in mirrors today, speak to every woman and smiles back at her with a shout of victory.

I’ve prayed that hope becomes the mantra of the day.

I’ve prayed that faith takes its rightful position as the new strong!!!

I’ve prayed that the beginning of the day becomes an open invitation to knowing that God IS.

I’ve prayed that at the end of the day, there’s a prayer of thanksgiving because He wants to be our yet-to-be.

I’ve prayed all day. In my car. When I visited the school & passed the school teacher in the halls and her eyes looked hopeless. I prayed. When that child in the classroom kept starring at me and hung onto my every word with pure joy. I prayed.

When I sat down to type this post…

I prayed, dear Jesus, today I had this overwhelming feeling of a door closing. And this was my prayer. Amen!

Keep movin’…