Lose ‘IT’ Challenge: Wutchu lookin’ at?

Why is something 10 times funnier when you can’t or shouldn’t laugh? I mean seriously like side hurting cheeks busting, pee your pants funny. I was sitting in the airport terminal people watching, one of my many talents, when I decided to have some fun.

Instead of watching & looking at the busy coming & goings on, I tried to only listen.

WHOA I felt like I was agent Jason Born from one of those Born Identity installments. Suddenly I heard laughter, paper tearing, whispering, someone explaining “REALLY!”; ‘don’t blame me arguments’, and some unidentifiable language which carried a tone of admiration & affection.

What caught me suddenly, and I about busted into a snorting laugh; was when an elderly gentleman sat down beside me and proceeded to slurp his drink just as I began my little experiment! He nuzzled into his chair & started dozing off.

Grinning, I was slightly freaked by this. Were my senses truly heightened? I had to question because my ears were allergy clogged for three days so I had been genuinely making an effort to ‘listen’ out of fear of miss interpreting the waterlogged sounds I perceived.

Had something happened? Had I just changed my surrounding simply by paying attention? Instead of looking at things, had I started ‘seeing’?

I mean I heard one woman’s entire conversation complaining about traffic and how important it was for the person on the listening end to understand she would still have a 2 hour drive. Hmmm was I really paying that much attention to HER life?

We are often quick to point to our environment as the “reason” behind our lack of motivation, inadequate resources for living healthy and/or whatever else we come up with, but after what I witnessed first hand, I challenge you to adjust your volume…change the frequency & be aware of what you’re focused on & tuned into.

By the way, that sleeping gentleman scuffled from his slumber and scowled at the loud-talker his sleep was interrupted. Apparently we are still listening even while sleeping. Hmmm …

Wutchu lookin’ at? Who you lookin’ at? Wutchu you been listenin’ to?