Jesus came to my Zumba fitness class

There we were in the middle of the song.

Dancin’, sweating, whoop-whoopin’ and samba-ing…and Jesus showed up.

Well, not in the flesh.

But a quick recognition of that ‘well done’ we {all of us striving to be more like Him} search for.

Right there in the middle of that hip-hop song. I saw Him.

I caught the eye of a young lady who’s smile said “YEP that’s what I’m feelin’..”

Jesus, in the song. Jesus, in the development of my character. Jesus, in the presence of that class.

There He was again. In a salsa. [Ephesians 6:10-20]

And when I thought I was full;  full of hope, full of expectation, full of how awesome this was (Ephes 3:16-20)…Jesus was there. A sign of strength, a sign of power, a sign of every woman in that room realizing she was not alone. The very presence of His mercy took over. All at once, the words blazed from the speaker…

 Everybody stands, as she goes by
Cause they can see the flame that’s in her eyes
Watch her when she’s lighting up the night
Nobody knows that she’s a lonely girl
And it’s a lonely world
But she gon’ let it burn, baby, burn, baby

This girl is on fire
This girl is on fire
She’s walking on fire
This girl is on fire

Oh, oh, oh…

She’s just a girl, and she’s on fire (Jeremiah 20:9)

When the music stops. She walks up to me and says “keep doing what you do, when this class is over, I feel alive” (Psalm 150:4)

…Jesus came to my Zumba fitness class!

Keep your heart pumpin’,  your spirit movin’ and get inneractive!

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One thought on “Jesus came to my Zumba fitness class

  1. What a cool feeling.
    I wonder.
    Maybe Christ abiding in us makes us:
    First Name Christ.
    Lots of Christs doing even greater things than theses, all over.
    Sometimes more Christ like than others..

    Waywardspirt Christ ; )

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