Holiday Body Challenge: Christmas Cookie Epiphany

Have you ever considered that exercise & life is much like baking Christmas Cut-Out cookies?


(Source: Microsoft office image gallery)
(Source: Microsoft office image gallery)


Last week after spending HOURS in Hobby Lobby {which was quite therapeutic} I can home jazzed and ready to transform my quiet house into a Christmas wonderland. Dazzled with 19 feet of red velvet wired ribbon, sparkly floral picks and silk Poinsettia the size of a toddler’s head; I was ready to deck the halls.


It started as an attempted quick stop to the crafters heaven; then the grocery store to complete my night of holiday cheer; well it turned into a 3 hour stroll through the limitless possibilities of crafting and festive decor.  So I finally made it home with ingredients for yummy Christmas cookies.


Mixing and stirring and mixing and stirring and mixing and…the batter wasn’t looking right.


It wasn’t sticking together, creating a ‘ball’ of dough. It was crumbling in my hand.


So I guess I should confess that I had 2 recipes to choose from. One required mixing, chilling, setting it out room temperature, rolling, cutting and cookin’; actually it was an award winning recipe.


The other, mix, roll, cut, cook, enjoy. Yeah that’s the one I was leaning toward.


In all of my rush and impatience I whipped the recipe together. Not realizing I was looking back and forth between the two recipes comparing the differences while I was mixing and somewhere, something went wrong.


I followed the recipe (and I HATE measuring things so this was a major bonus); both recipes in fact. And then it hit me, right there with all that crumbling dough in my hands.


This is what we do. We sit out God’s recipe (the Bible) and some one else’s idea of 10 steps toward attracting this or that and we take a little of each and try to whip up the perfect little treat of a life. As that dough crumbled in my hands I realized my life may have been in the proverbial mixing bowl of someone’s well intentions, perhaps even my own yet while it looked simple or easy to follow, God had a better recipe. When we decide to take the ‘recipe’ with fewer steps it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to turn out the result we were hoping for.


God knows. Better than those award winning recipes.


So here’s the other Christmas Epiphany I got during all my baking!


–>Great cookies require proper ingredients, preparation & tools and knowing what the end result should look like. Too much sugar or salt and you take a huge risk of ruining the entire batch.


–>Our bodies are like a ball of refrigerated cookie dough. The dough must be room temperature/warm in order for you to even move it or it will tear. So it is with your muscles, you must warm-up before your activities, exercising, or stretching.


Dough Ball
Dough Ball (Photo credit: timomcd)


–>Rolling out the dough will prepare the dough for the cookie cutters but it won’t look anything like the shapes you were hoping. Until you actually use the cookie cutters.


–>When you are only doing cardio your body WILL lean out but it’ll also look like that flat cookie dough. Grab the weights and start ‘shaping’ your muscles and you’ll get a ‘cut out’ shape!


It’s beginning to look A LOT like CHRISTMAS. Let the cookie cutting begin.


By the way,  I opted for the semi homemade Betty Crocker version. Life is good! And keeps getting better!






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