This Christmas…Dear Mom

Dear Mom, {a Christmas blessing to my mom}

So I was listening to “Mary Did You Know” by Cee Lo Green {a great music vocalist that you might not understand right away); I realized that most of us don’t know the true plan God has for our children.

I wonder, mom, did you know who I’d become? Did you know who you were when you birthed me into this world?

Mom do you think that we as mothers, know the ultimate gift that’s been given to us to become mothers? Or does that come later in life, much later, after the countless times of wondering if God picked the right woman for the job? Just wondering…

Whether we’ve birthed our own children, which mommy I have no idea how you did it 9 times and could even consider telling me that the bigger the baby the easier it would be…yeah NOT TRUE…whether we’ve fostered children, adopted or earned the title of ‘like-a-mother” it’s truly a gift that’s worth re-gifting.

I watch my children, particularly my daughter and I get a knot in my throat realizing that I have an awesome opportunity to re-gift the wonderful memories you shared with me.

The other day my daughter said she wished that she could have met you mommy,  just so she could have baked cookies with you. I almost lost it. My daughter never knew you. She only knows what I share with her.

In the spirit of Christmas and all the season has to offer, if I could have just one more moment with you mommy, I would say THANK YOU for showing me through your own example what compassion is, what giving unselfishly looks like and what Donnie Hathaway meant when you sang along with him these words…

And this Christmas will be, a very special Christmas for me”

When we had nothing, you made it seem as if we had everything, because we had each other and we had the hope of Christ.

When you saw someone else who had nothing, you always felt as if we still had enough to share with them. When it looked like we were down to our last, you continued to remind us that God always makes a way out of no way.

My fondest memory of Christmas and the man in the red suit has to be when I was around 9 years old when we thought we weren’t having Christmas because we just didn’t have any money. I remember there was a knock on the door. As you opened the door I peaked around the corner, saw a red jacket and a box of toys. I heard you crying saying “God Bless You, God Bless You, oh my Lord God Bless You..Merry Christmas”… I was convinced it WAS Santa himself.

It wasn’t until later in life when I discovered that red jacket was a Salvation Army worker delivering Christmas toys and canned goods to our family.

This Christmas I wish more than ever I could say to you “God Bless you, God Bless You, oh my Lord God Bless You…Merry Christmas”.

I love you mommy, I miss you more than you know. I am blessed knowing that you showed me what THIS CHRISTMAS means.

{R.I.P. Tanya “SWEETIE” Turpin-Culler 2/6/46-2/05}

I pray you would find the true hope & gift this Christmas season was meant to bring.


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