Make plans to succeed!

Romans 8:24-25 CEB

We were saved in hope. If we see what we hope for, that isn’t hope. Who hopes for what they already see? But if we hope for what we don’t see, we wait for it with patience.

Accountability check!!! How’d you do this week?

What did your fitness plan look like? Did it challenge you?

~~~Are you staying hydrated?

Hydration doesn’t mean you’re restricted to water, try coconut water like ZICO chocolate that stuff tastes too yummy to be good for you but it truly is!

Add a piece of pineapple to your bottle of water, the natural sugars will sweeten it.

~~~How often do you eat? Do you know how many calories you should be eating for YOUR fitness goals?

~~~How’s your heart? Disappointment is one of the greatest causes of self defeat. Are you setting realistic goals? Do you have a support system of people who believe in those goals? Set your goals high enough that they require someone to hold you accountable. If your goals aren’t requiring you to give a little extra effort they’re not goals they’re simply considerations. Successful minds don’t just consider, they move!