Monday Motivation: Ready. Set. Eat. Nutrition Challenge

Motivation: Food For Thought:

Very big portions make very little sense. (Philippians 3:19, Prov 16:32)

February was all about love. Lovin’ yourself stronger. Lovin’ your heart healthy! This month, we’re gonna love ourselves even more but now there’s gonna be a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

During the month of March, we’re take 1 week at a time, shake some stuff off and sift through the junk in our trunk. Well, yeah that trunk too but actually it’s that trunk that holds all the stuff that you’ve decided to put away. It reeks of your past, it’s hidden away covered in cobwebs, potentially moth destroyed & moldy yet SOMEHOW it finds its pesky way back into our lives.

It shows up in our attitudes, in our offenses, on the scale, on FACEBOOK asking us to friend it!?!?!?!?

OMG she did not just ask me to be friends with her, THE NERVE…oh I guess I shouldn’t have went there. Well, yes I shoulda cuz guess what, if the fact that she wants to be ‘friends’, even in the vitural-hood; makes me a bit testy, then there’s some mess I forgot to deal with.  Lysa Terkeurst  calls it “stink” I call it “STANK” now maybe I’m just talkin’ to myself here but I’ve caught myself maintaining a consistent STANK attitude at times before. But Bless God He ain’t finished with me yet!

So, you ready to get shakin’?

It’s time to shake sumthin’ off!!!!

So what’s the pan? Simply put, to move & eat! Move, eat and have fun with it!!!

We’ve decided to join Nutritious Eats for the Eat Right for National Nutrition Month challenge; it’s all about eating healthy for YOU! And since most of us start seeing green this month thanks to the shamrocks, what better way to celebrate than to get as much green goodness in your body as you can!

EatRight Challenge

Ready. Set. Eat. Join the nutrition challenge!