Little changes = big results

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been trying to make some changes to the website/blog/my classes/life etc. Initially I thought if I couldn’t do everything in one fell swoop I didn’t want to do it. To me, that was “doing it right” I quickly discovered that little changes could add up. At the beginning of the year I started pushing toward goals I had set almost 2 years ago but for one reason or another I stepped away from them or let someone talk me out of them.

Fast forward now and I’m already seeing results that are bigger than I’d imagined! Discipline did it! God’s instruction did it. Staying anchored and focused did it!

Today I came across this devotional regarding discipline and I wanted to share it with you.  As I finish some of the changes on the website & blog, pray with me, inneractive FITCLUB is finally becoming what I know it was intended to be!

Yes, in the beginning, disciplining yourself will be difficult. It won’t feel good and you won’t like it. But every time you make a choice to do the right thing, the next time it gets a little easier. And you get one step closer to your goal.