You’re Already Amazing

December 2012 (Beginning December 1)

You’re Already Amazing: Embracing Who You are Becoming All God Created You To Be by Holley Gerth

(DESCRIPTION:Many women are tired. Tired of trying to do more, be more, and have more. With busy work, home and church lives, it’s easy to feel like our spiritual growth gets short-changed. But what if God is already pleased, more than pleased–totally head over heels crazy about us and our hearts regardless of our mistakes and crunched schedules? If it’s true, that big load we’ve been carrying feels lighter already. In You’re Already Amazing, Holley Gerth wants readers to know that they can lay down the burden of their own, and others expectations, and embrace who they are as beloved, talented women. Rediscover the gifts you’ve been given and the life of purpose that God has for you.)

You don’t have to do more, be more, have more…if you’re really ready to take hold of who you are and what you’re called to do, there will be no stopping you. That’s because there’s no stopping Him in YOU-and he’s got bigger plans for your life than you’ve even imagined! –Holly Gerth

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Weekly Plan

(Chapters 1 & 2)

(Chapter 3)

  • And now you know

(Chapter 4)

Why Do I Feel This Way

(Chapter 5 & 6)

Where am I going? AND Who’s coming with me?

(Chapter 7)

(Chapter 8)

(Chapter 9 & 10)

(Chapter 11)


3 thoughts on “You’re Already Amazing

  1. It’s not okay for me to justify what i may be feeling in my mind or emotionally just because I may be familiar with it, I have other members in my body that wag war against my mind,which try their best to keep me captive in my mind, I must remember that I have been powered by God to tear down strongholds against my mind & emotions!!! ~ I can do ALL things through Christ who Strengthens me!!!!

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