Welcome to the official F.I.T.-NESS CHALLENGE page of the inneractive FITCLUB.

Don’t be scared by the word “challenge”, embrace it. Embrace the fact that someone is here to assist you, encourage you, push you, kick you in the seat of your pants if you need it and as some like to respectfully label it, kick your tail cuz you wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Whatever you wanna call it, this is where THAT will happen. Once a month we’re gonna go head to head and toe to toe with the stuff that holds us back!  Every challenge will address the 3 pillars of inneractive FITCLUB which are spirit, soul, body in addition to whatever the key focus is for that particular challenge.

A few challenges we faced in the past:

May- Your Time (women’s health month)

March – Spring Cleaning

February- Heart Health month (being rooted in Christ/guard your heart)

January – Finding you @ your best

December – Holiday Body Challenge ( this is our most popular challenge/annual)

Holiday Challenges! inneractive FITCLUB Holiday Body Challenge is our most popular! It featuring the 12 Days of Fitness November 1 through December 24th with all things fall, time saving, honoring the veterans and we’ll sure enough earn our turkey!

You ready for your next F.I.T-NESS challenge?