2 Week TurnAround

Take 2!

Consider this your do-over.

Your second chance.

Your … “I-really-was-doing-great-until__fill in the blank__”

Whatever the reason for feeling like you could use a second chance, now’s your chance to clean up your act.

Let’s take 2 weeks to clean out your gut.
2 weeks to get out your rut.
2 weeks to re-shape your butt (sorry I was on a roll)!

This 2 week challenge will be a daily workout & nutrition challenge hosted here on the inneractive FITCLUB website.

Super convenient so you can’t ever say you didn’t have time to get to the gym or didn’t have the equipment they used on the DVD or… well you now how we can FIND the reasons…

So, whatever your goal, Take 2 and turnaround your results!

2 weeks worth of daily U turns will be posted with number of the day: so for day 1 it’s “U1”, day 2 is “U2”, day 3 “U3” etc…


Day U1

Right Here.

No worries. You’ll still be eating real food, you aren’t going to starve I’m just going to help you learn how much to eat. It’s all about common sense, moderation and choices.

Oh a great tool to have is a food/activity APP  this one is my personal favorite!

Another great tool is this printable portion chart-  Fridge/office chart 

or Wallet size chart 
This is gonna be a blast.  I’ll give you pretty much everything you need: cardio, strength training workout, grocery store challenges, recipe challenges etc.

Ok enough talking. Let’s get your heart pumpin’ and spirit movin’

Additional Resources:

Meal Planning

Mealtime should be a time to sit down and enjoy eating a meal. Taking time with some basic meal planning tools to plan and prepare your meals will help you eat healthy meals. Meals prepared at home usually have a greater variety of nutrient-rich foods from all of the food groups compared to foods eaten away from home. (from Mealsmatter.org)

Good Nutrition Makes Good ¢ents (article)

2 Week Turn Around U1

2 Week Turn Around U2

2 Week Turn Around U3

Tight on Time


I'd love to know what ya think about that!

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