You ready for a total makeover? Ready to stop the emotional eating, mindless snacking and FINALLY GET RID OF THE REDICULOUS CRAVINGS? You gotta make the decision to change your life. Make a commitment to do something toward that change.

  • This 90 day challenge will be geared to set you up for success with your life goals.
  • So many of us have found that our health has either caused us to give up or because we gave up, (somewhere) our health is now affected. It’s time for a change and I was once told that change ain’t change til it’s changed…

Ok, so what’s this challenge all about?

  • Choose from 3 different packages depending on your budget and your fitness goals.

If I am going to hold you to YOUR fitness goals I need to know you’re using the right workouts and nutrition at home.

How do I know the ones below are the right ones? Well, let’s just say this. I’ve considered so many different things and these are the programs with a total body conditioning system, solid nutrition and with the motivation you’ll get, the results will speak for itself. And as I always say, I would never make you do something I wouldn’t do AND I expect nothing but the best for myself. 

  • Once I have you orders placed you will all be added into a HEART PUMPIN’ SPIRIT MOVIN’ online accountability group. This will give you access to healthy tips, juicing ideas, new recipes, and two phone calls a month you can tap into with me and some guest hosts.

    • this is for someone who is 110% committed to dropping at LEAST 35lbs in 90 days if not more. This is for the one person really ready to make a SERIOUS lifestyle change.
    • Your choice of a premium workout program – P90X, Insanity, or TurboFire
    • Shakeology on Home Direct
    • 3 months PAID membership to the Team Beachbody Club (gain access to meal planners, recipes and online celeb trainer chats)
    • Free shipping Discounted price of $250 (savings of $30) This Customer Pack will be available August 15th, and will promptly be creating an accountability challenge for those that wish to participate. Within the accountability support group, you’ll receive motivation, 2 calls monthly, advice, encouragement and a personal Cheerleader, me, to see to it that you reach your goals.

    • this is for the in the middle just looking to drop ten LBS and tone down.
    • Shakeology home direct program $120 (no shipping)
    • Your choice of the TOP nutritional line on the market. 30 day bulk bag or individual packets. Greenberry or Chocolate. You will also get two workout DVDS a 30 minute and a 50minute. I will also be asking you to do some other workouts I will send you on top of these DVDS.
    • Simplified Nutrition

  • PACKAGE THREE A Whole ‘Nutha Level $120

    • this is for the physically fit person who’s looking to GO EXTREME. Time to take their fitness to the next level $120
    • Your choice of INSANITY, Insanity the Asylum, or P90X. These are SIX DAY A WEEK commitments. They also come with SPECIFIC nutritional guidelines I need you to FULLY FOLLOW.

  • LASTLY if for ANY REASON finically you cannot commit PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE. Or if you currently have these products already and just need the accountability… We will try and figure out a plan that WILL WORK FOR YOU. If you don’t ask me I cant help you. 😉
  • Also if you refer friends you will get discounts and bonuses! Plus its a BLAST to do it with friends!
  • PLEASE EMAIL ME with the package that fits your fitness goal at inneractive@hotmail.com
  • Even though we kicked off this new challenge on September 6th; it’s not too late for you to jump in this!  TOGETHER, we’re gonna drop EVERY weight that holds us down!