October: Lose It! Challenge

What do you have to lose?

inneractive FitCLUB Lose It! Challenge.

The Challenge is called Lose IT! because there is so much of “IT” to lose.

“IT” could be junk from our past that keeps resurfacing; “IT” could be Plan B mentality to “do whatever we gotta do”; “IT” might be the ‘just who I am‘ that doesn’t want to see us become who we were created to be; you name “IT” and “IT” has been the reason/excuse/method/opportunity for us to rationalize why we haven’t become who we should be. Or “IT” could be the very reason compliments are warded off by pointing out our other flaws.

So are you ready to Lose IT?

If you’re already joining us from the MyinneractiveCORE challenge, FANTASTIC, this is just one of those motivators that I promised you.

If you’ve just discovered all the support you’re gonna get here, SUPER FANTASTIC! October 1-31 for a 30 Day Challenge to drop off the excess that weighs us down.

If you’re wondering why it’s 30 days but there’s 31 in the month…well cuz my anniversary is in October and guess what, 80/20 rules! We’ll discuss that if you’ve got questions!

If you really could use the extra motivation to get through the ho-hum days, extra motivation to get in a workout, extra motivation to walk away from the cookies and lattes, extra motivation to find patience and peace to get through doing laundry, homework, housework and whatever else tends to drain you…LOSE IT! is gonna help you get control of you and help you let go of the scale.

I don’t know about you but the past few months have been quite interesting for me. Some days I’m brimming with excitement and energy and other days I’d rather just stay put (wherever that might be) yet I’m forced to move and have a tough time finding the energy just to crack a smile. So that’s what moved me to do this challenge cuz I’m thinkin’ we all got some stuff we need to lose! So you ready?


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