Swimsuit Confidence Challenge

Swimsuit Confidence Challenge begins July 5th.

Swimsuit Confidence isn’t a certain size. It isn’t a certain shape. It isn’t an agenda to look good wearing hardly any clothes.

Swimsuit Confidence is being comfortable in your own skin, knowing that you are worth more than holding onto the lies you’ve been told.

Swimsuit Confidence is feeling better than feeding your concerns.

Swimsuit Confidence is _______________________ (you decide)

What the challenge is: 30 Days of fitness challenges, nutrition support and spiritual motivation. Getting rid of all that unnecessary junk you been carrying around.

What you’re gonna do: actually do it for all 30 days! There’s no “hmm lemme see if I might want to”… NO; you do or you don’t do. Tryin’ and seein’ is what stopped you before.  No rationalizing, no pretending, no making excuses of kids, schedules, other people etc. No starving yourself. No ridiculous low calorie 1-meal-a-day meal plans.  No crazy restrictions of concoctions that promise to drop a million pounds.

  1. You’ll complete the daily challenges posted on the challenge page. (Daily fitness, spiritual motivation, photo of the day, healthy food swap, water, etc.)
  2. You’ll share your journey. Blog about it, tweet it, Facebook it, you can even Pin it (pinterest). Share your before and after photo, your change in attitude, your new focus, your goals. When you write it down in specific measurable goals you can have something to reach for.
  3. You’ll be involved. Actively. inneractive FITCLUB is a community of women that cheer each other on. That means you do not just watch others from a distance. You don’t watch. You do it for you!
  4. You”ll commit to working out at least 3 days per week. It doesn’t have to be an hour. But it has to be something. 10 minutes. Yoga. Zumba. Pilates. 10 minutes of something that get’s your body movin’ in the right direction.
  5. You’ll pick a foundational scripture you’re gonna stand on as your anchor to get you beyond the stuff you’ve been holding onto. Yes, there’s one besides John 3:16 and Philipians 4:13.

This is about you, real food, real life and getting what you REALLY want! period!

So do you  REALLY want Swimsuit Confidence?


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