inneractive FITCLUB  introduces PiYo TM

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What is PiYo?

Do you think you’re hard core? Crush the plateau! If you’ve decided to take your fitness to the next level, make the next step and sign up for one of THE hottest mind-body-strength-flexibility programs out there. THIS AIN’T YOUR TYPICAL MIND/BODY CLASS!

PiYo™ is a unique class designed to build strength & gain flexibility. The moves fit perfectly together to form a class filled with intense choreography that’s fun, challenging and will make you sweat. It’s about energy, power, and rhythm. Think sculpted abdominals, increased overall core strength, and greater stability.

In a nutshell, PiYo™ will rock your world! Once you try it, you’ll find that PiYo™ is unlike any other format, and guess what? You’ll love it. Don’t worry, there is no previous experience required.

Current schedule  

Current Class schedule  
(*Can’t find a class that fits your schedule? Interested in hosting a Zumba fitness party? Contact us to schedule a Zumba class for your group, women’s organization/retreat or Girls Night Out/Birthday)


8:15a   – Silver Sneakers – Gold’s Gym West GA (Austell/East-West Conn.)

10:15a – ZUMBA – Gold’s Gym West GA (Austell/East-West Conn.)

12:30p – Zumba Gold – Cobb Senior Wellness Center

5:15p- Zumba Cobb Wellstar Hospital (WELLSTAR EMPLOYEES ONLY)

7:00p- Zumba – Ron Anderson Recreation Center – (Punch Pass or $5/drop in)


9:15a – Zumba  Gold’s Gym West GA (Douglasville Hospital Drive)

11:30a– Zumba Gold – Cobb Senior Wellness Center 

12:30p – Stretch, Strengthen, Tone – Cobb Senior Wellness Center


7:00-8:00pm Zumba – Ron Anderson Rec Center (PUNCH PASS or $5/drop in)


10:15a – Zumba Gold’s Gym West GA (Austell/E.W. Conn.)

11:30 – Zumba Gold Gold’s Gym West GA (Austell/E.W. Conn.)

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Fitness Challenges 

In addition to group fitness classes, inneractive FITCLUB hosts monthly fitness challenges. Don’t be scared by the word “challenge”, embrace it. Embrace the fact that someone is here to assist you, encourage you, push you, kick you in the seat of your pants if you need it and as some like to respectfully label it, kick your tail cuz you wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Whatever you wanna call it, this is where THAT will happen. Once a month we’re gonna go head to head and toe to toe with the stuff that holds us back!  Every challenge will address the 3 pillars of inneractive FITCLUB which are spirit, soul, body in addition to whatever the key focus is for that particular challenge.

A few challenges we faced in the past

  • December – Holiday Body Challenge ( this is our most popular challenge/annual)
  • January – Finding you @ your best
  • February- Heart Health month (being rooted in Christ/guard your heart)
  • March – Spring Cleaning
  • April – Ab Challenge (4 minute Body Blast)

**************CURRENT CHALLENGE*********************

  • May- 31 days of You (Your Time) (women’s health month)

“THIS IS THE STUFF THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY…but in the middle of my little mess I forget how big I’m blessed!”-(Francesca Battistelli)

May 12-18 is National Women’s Health Week, this campaign was created to help women find simple ways to be healthier & more active.

The national campaign has inspired me for the past 5 years to come up with clever challenges like this one.
This celebration is absolutely about you and that’s why we’re celebrating YOU, we’re finding ways to get your heart pumpin & your spirit movin’ and looking for opportunities to invite other women to celebrate!

Ready to take the challenge? Join the inneractive FITCLUB COMMUNITY 

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Tues/Thurs 7pm (*exp 3monts after purchase date)