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My sister called me a few months ago and said she was ready to start training with me! Only problem she lives a 16 hour drive away. So… well, that wasn’t gonna work… so she suggested we Skype each other during a regular appointment time. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about doing this, but it actually turned out great once we got going!

We had so much fun and I got a chance to chat with my 1 yr old nephew!

I Skyped her at a scheduled appointment time.  As opposed to emailing a workout and not being able to ‘coach’ her with form & body (for biomechanical corrections and cuing), Skype allowed me to demonstrate the exercises for her. It was really just like being there in person. We did a little dancing, some weights using dumbbells and some core work, we really had a good sweat going!

So what does all this mean for you?

Rather than paying a personal trainer to stand by you and count reps during a 60 minute training session, there is now a more affordable option.  As a fitness professional (A.K.A your health coach) I will meet

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with you virtually using the power of Skype, phone and emails to discuss your health goals and objectives.

Training with me, without having to leave your house, without having to drive to a gym, without all the other things that have kept us from training together! AND it looks like there is another option for those of you who can’t make it to the gym or clients who are traveling and need that push to get out of bed and workout in their hotel room. I’m so glad I tried Skype personal training and so was my sister! So you ready to get your heart pumpin’ & spirit movin’?

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Training sessions include nutrition counseling, fitness & life coaching.

30 Minute Sessions for $35
60 Minute Sessions for $65
Skype sessions make great gifts too!