I’m the first to admit that I’m not really a runner. I’m an arm pumpin’ torso twistin 80s era power-walker who just happens to bend her knees and pick her feet up off the ground a quicker pace. Yeah. Ok, I admit I’m a convert. But still, I admit that the very thought of running makes me nauseated, my knees begin to hurt and all I can see is the finish line in that far-far-far-far off distance. I shutter at the word distance. But enough about that, I’m suppose to be motivating  you to run right. So here goes.

Once you start movin, you’ll find out why you did it in the first place, when that motivation takes over there’s a sudden rush of adrenaline that propels you into this cocky nirvana and has you thinkin’ you could climb Mount Everest. Ok maybe that’s just me. At any rate, when you reach YOUR finish line, whether it’s 1 mile, 3 miles or 26 miles, it’s priceless.

I love the New Balance marketing theme: Running – the new Love Hate cuz you really do love to hate it. So this page is dedicated to the Love/Hate of running, becoming a runner, distance walker, woggers and the like.

On your mark, set, go…

Get geared up to run!

Great Shoes!

That’s your first step! (wink) ASICS, New Balance, Mizuno and my most recent love affair with shoes is the RYKA running shoe!

Great Music! get a playlist that will seriously get you movin’.

My current playlist: anything by Tobymac, Group One Crew, Maroon 5, Chemical Brothers, Bruno Mars, india.aire, Israel Houghton, old school (ehem REAL) hip-hop, Mary Mary, Coko, J.Moss, De La Soul, Kiki Sheard, Becka Shae, Need To Breathe, Sanctus Real, Third Day, Michelle Bonilla, Franchesca Battistelli, Da Truth, KJ-52, Michael Jackson, just to name a few

Great Training Plan:

Women’s Running Magazine

Christian Runner’s

Runner’s World

Run-Walk Program – (Perfect for beginners)

Jeff Galloway Half-Marathon Training