workin’ it out

Here are some of my go-to workouts that are guaranteed to get your heart pumpin’

Just dance & the rest will happen!

(Brinca: means jump – Reggaeton)

(one of my friends & one of my favorite merenguetone songs)



Midweek Mojo: When the ho-hum of your week seems to drain your motivation this 10 minute workout will at the very least burn some fat and tone some muscle.

skater lunges: stand with feet shoulder width apart, squat down and sweep right foot back and to your left side quickly stand up and repeat on the opposite side (complete 8 on each side)

full body crunch: 1 basic crunch 1 reverse crunch, 1 total body crunch repeat 10 times

plank walks: hold your body in plank position (palms -knee or palms -toes) ‘walk’ down onto your forearm keeping your hips square and not allowing your back to sway, ‘walk’ back up to your palms repeat 8 times

front kicks, back kicks


Keep movin>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Complete the following exercises each for 30 seconds

Squat with an overhead press

weighted squats

mountain climber

kettlebell swing

pushup T rotation

jump lunges

bent rear delt row

side to side lunges

renegade row

front lunge with weighted rotations