MOMENTum Testimonials

My own struggles with acceptance, self esteem, weight, self worth they keep me movin’, keep me on this journey forgetting what’s behind me and pressing toward the goal.

inneractive MOMENT’em is a collection of testimonies or ‘moments’ from women who have kept their heart pumpin’ & spirit movin’. 

(def) [moh-men-tuh m] force or speed of movement; a quantity expressing the motion of a body; philosophy-moment

What you picture in your mind, your mind will go to work to accomplish. When you change your pictures, you automatically change your performance. Whatever you attach consistently to the words “I am”, you will become. – John Mason

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September 2012

The following are testimonials & stories of how they did it, why they did it & encouragement for YOUR journey!

“YES! I finally went to Amia Freeman ‘s Zumba class. And let me tell you… I almost cried. Not because my legs were burning, and her idea of a cool-down needs to be redefined… but because I realized how selfish I had been. Let me elaborate:

I purposely, and I mean purposely, was not supporting my sister. Oh, sure, I covered it up in a stuck-up rolling of eyes toward fitness classes in general.

 But the bottom line is that when it comes to something someone really important to me has going on, or has invited me to, or wants me to share with them, I think it’s optional. Really? Optional???Now that I’ve confessed, I’m putting it out there. How many of us are shrugging our shoulders toward our brothers and sisters as if we have a choice to support them?

So I get to Amia’s Zumba class and almost cry. Because my Sister in Christ is AWESOME! She is a fitness phe-nom. Glory to God, she packs the class, ushers in the Holy Spirit, and works the room like a one-woman worship team. Forget zumba. I never want to miss supporting my family like that again. Be there, family. Be THEIR FAMILY. That’s what we’re here for. “-Valerie (Friend, Sister, Zumba-witness)


Thank you for equipping and empowering. God is well pleased!! Your sister in Christ, Pamela Reynolds (Zumba Zistah & Sister in Christ)


I can see that He is doing wonders with you Ma’am. You’re such a blessing and Heather and I just love your classes. I actually told Heather earlier “Amia has us spoiled! any zumba class that doesn’t atleast have one worship song in it is gonna be nowhere near as fun as there classes!” -Rose (Zumba student/friend)


Girl, I wanted to talk with you on last Wednesday (after class). I was going through some serious things that week and I was feeling so low and down. I had to get to your class and dance it off. But, aside from that I felt that God’s presence was on you and was divinely giving you just the right words that I needed to hear to cheer me up even if it was just a little bit. I know that you couldn’t see it but, I was crying towards the end of class. I wanted to let you know because often times we don’t know whose lives we have touched and in what way. Sometimes we think that we’re touching their lives in the most obvious ways but, we sometimes are reaching them in other ways too.

So, I just wanted to say thank you for letting God use you in a way that I needed most at that time. Love you!!! – C. Wilson


“Amia! My mom (67 yrs old) is just bragging about you. She loves loves loves you and your Zumba class. She says even if she cannot move much, she comes to enjoy your spirit and loves to see your shoulders and arms move. You do make us smile. Yesterdays class was just FANTASTIC. Lately, my knees are hurting me so much that I am not able to move as much. But yesterday was a good day.

Keep it up Amia, keep blessing people with that gift.” –Tee Njoroge & family