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12 Days of Christmas – Day 3


On the 3rd day of Christmas my trainer gave to me…

3 excuse busters (Total Body work with fellow FITFLUENTIAL ambassadors Steve & Bonnie #GetAfterIt)

2 rounds of the CORE CHALLENGE

Heart pumpin' ~ Spirit Movin'
Heart pumpin’ ~ Spirit Movin’

and 1 hand towel workout for my tummy….



12 Days of Christmas (day 2)


On the 2nd day of Christmas my trainer gave to me…

2 rounds of the CORE CHALLENGE

Heart pumpin' ~ Spirit Movin'
Heart pumpin’ ~ Spirit Movin’

and a simple hand towel workout for my tummy….



Swimsuit Confidence: cover ups & being barely clothed


Vision challenge

So I went into the store “everything but water” which was a beautiful collection of every imaginable color of swimsuit; tropical, nautical, traditional even some quite whimsical. Haltered and strapless one pieces, 2 pieces, tankinis, retro bathing dresses; cover ups and accessories all to match. Literally the store was everything but the water. I admired like a kid in a candy store with a vicious sweet tooth ready to temp my tastebuds.

“Hey there, can I help you pick out a few suits to try on?” said the sweet southern voice which matched the beautiful smile and twinkling eyes of the sales associate who gleamed with excitement to adorn me.

Y’all, I froze.

I froze like one of those movie scenes when the sound becomes muffled and the damsel in distress sees mouths moving but she can’t hear anything.

There I was standing in the middle of my fears with opportunity to unlock my potential and I was terrified of that potential. I must have paused in my sentence because when I made eye contact with the girl she was smiling but her mouth was slightly open as if she was ready to laugh once I delivered the punch line of whatever I was in the midst of explaining. So I finished with whatever I was saying and she smiled and shrugged her shoulders and said,

“well you just might like it”…

This Trink Turk suit caught my eye, I’m sure opinions will sway on both sides.

“Probably, but that’s the problem”, I sheepishly disputed.

After circling the perimeter of the store literally trying to imagine every inch of me in one of those beautiful swimsuits I bowed out gracefully, smiling as I left the store with a tender hearted promise of potentially coming back to try one on.

As I walked through the mall, I heard the confirmation & clarity of what just happened. I was afraid of the potential and afraid that I really was worth the cost. Not only had I rationalized the idea of wearing the swimsuits in all of their beautiful Brazilian colors, I heard the voices of lack telling me I wasn’t worth buying something this nice for myself. I remember a friend sharing with me a profound testimony of getting rid of the lack mindset. She said she had to stop herself from always B-lining to the clearance section & left overs. That although a good deal was awesome, sometimes you have to consider that you are worth the shopping from the new collection or top designer. Whether its clothing, accessories or reaching for dreams, sometimes God wants you to pick the best. If He’s made it available, He makes sure you have what it takes to get it!

I didn’t go back to get the suits or even try them on, but I did find a revelation I’d been prayin for. During a recent trip I was packing my suitcase with my swimsuit (it’s black) and cover up (it’s black) when I realized the elastic around the top of my suit was frayed and worn. I laughed at the fact that I couldn’t remember when I had bought it, which was the equivalent of the old faithful granny panties in the back of your drawer. I tried on the suit and it was ridiculously too big. That’s when I started realizing I’d become comfortable being seen in my “old faithful” swimsuit and average cover up, yet in all my hiding I feared being seen.

How often are we hiding from our potential, fearing we just might like it? How often are we wearing what someone else thought we should wear, because they thought it was best for us, yet we were confident it wasn’t truly us?

I had a friend say she wanted to feel better and take better care of her body with Shakeology but she feared liking something that was good for her that “cost this much” because then she’d have to try to afford it but knew it would be the first thing cut from her expenses if necessary. I go back to what I said, if God presented you with the opportunity then He’s going to provide you with the resources to maintain what He gave you. It might mean giving up something average or “old faithful” to have what you deserve!

What are you wearing? Are you wearing a cover- up, fully clothed or barely dressed?

Fitness challenge

The preparations for the Olympics opening ceremonies always get me psyched to show off my inner athlete, as I watched the Women’s Olympic trials I was beaming with adrenaline over their core strength, muscle control and overall athleticism. ACE Fitness has pulled out some of the best, probably most used, exercises an olympic gymnast might use. Be inspired, be strong!
Olympics inspired gymnastics workout

Nutrition challenge

Know that you can still enjoy your favorite foods this summer, just know some the tricks of the trade! Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillian has always offered mouth watering, kid approved healthy options to crowd favorites.

Energy & mood boosting foods!


When you are you at your best…who are you?

So here’s your ultimate challenge for the week…to find your confidence, we must find your greatest strengths, who you are, what motivates you, what kind of people keep you motivated, what things make you realize THIS IS WHO I AM?!?!? What’s your story?