Lose it: I wish I were (weekly post challenge)

Frustrated at losing inspiration for the ‘perfect’ blog post, I started sifting through other people’s blogs and found myself in a tailspin of negative self-talk critiquing my own abilities and wondering why I wasn’t having the readership, inspiration and even notoriety of such bloggers. I caught myself in the midst of my own personal “I wish I were” melodrama. Perhaps it was life imitating the art of the blog post challenge or it was in fact some subliminal effect of how easily persuaded we are by the images and influence of our daily lives. Either way, it was real, effective and i had to put a stop to it.

I stumbled across this video and thought it perfectly displayed the message “I Wish I Were”…


(def): to rudely talk about a persons body or body parts, whether in private or directly at the person; the snide, often witty comments, about other women’s bodies, that have become a part of female conversation; the practice of dissecting other women’s bodies;
to make mean or vicious comments about another persons body

Tabloid culture has made bodysnarking to be a favorite female pastime.
Bodysnarking is one of my favorite things to do while seating on a beach. (Source: urban dictionary.com)

Have we all in some way fallen victim to the subculture of wishing we were something other than we were created to be? There’s a thin line between being motivated and inspired and wishing I were…

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